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I clicked with Ricki and Christian right away! Definitely my type of people!! Just so fun and easygoing –Christian is a teacher as well, so I knew we’d all get along! They were so much fun and I loved how their engagements turned out.

Ricki + Christian | Desert Engagement Session | Scottsdale, Arizona

September 2, 2021


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When I met Regina and Matt and we put together a wedding package for them, they weren’t sure if they wanted to do an engagement session. I basically pressured them into it 😂 Engagement sessions are the BEST way to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. They were nervous because […]

Regina + Matt | Olive Mill Engagements | Queen Creek Engagement Photos

August 7, 2021


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Mike and Emily flew in from Illinois for our session and it was a running joke that they brought the wind with them! 😂 Seriously SO WINDY. I kept apologizing because I truly have never seen it be THAT windy. But we still had so much fun and still got some dreamy sunset shots at […]

Mike + Emily | San Tan Mountain | Windy Desert Engagement Session

February 15, 2021


San Tan Mountain | Desert Engagement Session

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Okay let me first say that as soon as Justine reached out via my website I knew she and Tony were my dream couple. Dog owners, Harry Potter and the Office lovers, TEACHERS!! Like say no more, just sign this and let’s get this going 😂 When I met them at the Desert Botanical Garden […]

Justine + Tony | DBG Phoenix | Phoenix Engagement Session

February 10, 2021


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I LOVE couples that are just so down for whatever! Champagne pop in the desert? YES. Walking slowly across the street for a picture? YES. Sitting down in the dirt because it would be cute? YES. Silly prompts like hip-bumping to get a genuine laugh? YES. Zach and Taylor’s engagement session was exactly that! Just […]

Taylor + Zach | Papago Park | Phoenix, AZ Engagement Session

November 15, 2020


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It’s no secret that here in Arizona we kinda get jipped in the fall-colors department. But every once in a while, with the right amount of warm sunset and some desert landscape, we can get ALMOST there! And that’s what I loved most about Senia and Greg’s engagement session. Perfect sunset created the dreamiest colors […]

Senia + Greg | Gilbert, AZ | Desert Engagement Session

October 1, 2020


Gilbert, AZ | Desert Engagement Session

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Literally the BEST question you could ever ask me is, “Can we bring our fur-child with us to our engagement session?” THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES!! Seriously! I love involving the WHOLE fam in your engagement session. Your pups are a huge part of your life, and sometimes you really want to make sure to […]

“Can We Bring Our Pets To Our Engagement Session?”

September 26, 2020


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When I first talked to Bri about her wedding plans, when they were still looking for their photographer, I knew we were going to be perfect fit. Here’s a sample of how our FIRST conversation went down: Me: Have you considered an engagement session? Bri: Yes, I already have our outfits picked out for our […]

Bri & Jon | Phoenix, AZ | Desert Engagement Session

June 8, 2020


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With that being said, after my time off, I was READDYYY to jump back into the creative swing with Danielle and Shawn’s sweetheart session. Danielle and Shawn are getting married in the fall and they have a sweet little family. It was so fun spending time with them at the Olive Mill. Some of my favs from this session: Danielle’s badass tattoos, Shawn’s boots, the bright greens of the Olive Mill.

Danielle & Shawn | Olive Mill, Queen Creek | Arizona Engagement

March 1, 2020


Queen Creek Engagement Session | Olive Mill Queen Creek


Queen Creek, Arizona