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Taylor and Zach are just one of those couples that are so easy! SO EASY. Do you know what I mean? Just chill, relaxed, easy to talk to, go-with-the-flow. I love that so much! When I took their engagement photos last year, I vibed with them AUTOMATICALLY! I loved talking with them about our pop […]

Taylor + Zach | Hassayampa Inn | Colorful Prescott Wedding

March 22, 2021


Hassayampa Inn | Colorful Prescott, AZ Wedding

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Editorial shoots are honestly kind of my favorite. Basically how it happens is a bunch of wedding industry professionals come together to show off their new merchandise and new services and photographers like me just show up and take photos of everything they set up! There are usually a few totally in love real life […]

Editorial Shoot at Schnepf Farms | Queen Creek Wedding | Arizona Wedding

March 1, 2021


Editorial Shoot | Schnepf Farms | Queen Creek, AZ

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Mike and Emily flew in from Illinois for our session and it was a running joke that they brought the wind with them! 😂 Seriously SO WINDY. I kept apologizing because I truly have never seen it be THAT windy. But we still had so much fun and still got some dreamy sunset shots at […]

Mike + Emily | San Tan Mountain | Windy Desert Engagement Session

February 15, 2021


San Tan Mountain | Desert Engagement Session

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Okay let me first say that as soon as Justine reached out via my website I knew she and Tony were my dream couple. Dog owners, Harry Potter and the Office lovers, TEACHERS!! Like say no more, just sign this and let’s get this going 😂 When I met them at the Desert Botanical Garden […]

Justine + Tony | DBG Phoenix | Phoenix Engagement Session

February 10, 2021


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Even though I haaaaaate getting pictures of myself taken, I try to make it a point to get family pictures done every year. When Ashlie announced that she was having mini sessions at the silos, I figured that was a sign! Thanks Ashlie for always being awesome and being patient with our toddler! James is […]

Our Family Pictures | Credit @ashliejeannefilms | Morrison Ranch, AZ

January 9, 2021


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I got in contact with Sarah in the midst of COVID shutdowns so we never really got a chance to meet in person until their wedding day! Getting to know her and Quintin on their big day was so much fun. I got to know them through their family and friends and through the special […]

Beck Wedding | Gather Estate | Gilbert, Arizona Wedding Photography

December 5, 2020


Gather Estate | Gilbert, AZ Wedding Photography

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Can I just say that Chad and Amanda are the coolest couple I think I’ve ever had?! Chad is a rockstar in a band and Amanda owns a yoga studio. Literally the chillest and most laid-back couple ever!! I loved meeting them and taking pictures at their gorgeous backyard wedding in Awatukee. The views in […]

Chad and Amanda | Phoenix, Arizona| Arizona Wedding Photography

November 17, 2020


Awatukee Wedding Photography

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I LOVE couples that are just so down for whatever! Champagne pop in the desert? YES. Walking slowly across the street for a picture? YES. Sitting down in the dirt because it would be cute? YES. Silly prompts like hip-bumping to get a genuine laugh? YES. Zach and Taylor’s engagement session was exactly that! Just […]

Taylor + Zach | Papago Park | Phoenix, AZ Engagement Session

November 15, 2020


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I have to admit that I get a little teary when I hear Jason and Marcie talk about their love story. They were both married before, had children, and had careers long before their paths crossed. Hearing them talk about how their pasts lead them together, soulmates who found each other later in life, it […]

Jason and Marcie | Surprise, AZ | COVID Micro-Wedding

October 18, 2020


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When I met Jess, I knew we would get along RIGHT AWAY. She’s like ME but in bride form hahah! We bonded over our love of planning and the fact that we are both teachers. When she started telling me about her and Kyle’s love story I knew we were a perfect fit! Jess and […]

Moore Wedding | Christ Lutheran Church | Sedona, AZ

October 11, 2020


Sedona, AZ Wedding Photography


Queen Creek, Arizona