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Growing up in Casa Grande, you’d think I would be more familiar with the Tucson area, but I have actually only been to Tucson a couple of times! I typically never really have a reason to go out there unless it’s to see family or for a wedding. So I had no idea there was […]

Colton & Brittney | The Rubi House | Tucson, AZ

July 16, 2020


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When I first talked to Bri about her wedding plans, when they were still looking for their photographer, I knew we were going to be perfect fit. Here’s a sample of how our FIRST conversation went down: Me: Have you considered an engagement session? Bri: Yes, I already have our outfits picked out for our […]

Bri & Jon | Phoenix, AZ | Desert Engagement Session

June 8, 2020


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With so much negativity around right now with COVID-19, where we’re seeing so much division and fear, the times where we can highlight true joy are NECESSARY! I was so happy to experience a little bit of joy this week with Kristin and Alec. Such a sweet, young couple and you can just see the […]

Alec + Kristin | Casa Grande, AZ | Social Distance Wedding

April 28, 2020


Social Distance Wedding | Casa Grande, Arizona Wedding Photography

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly everyone in some shape or form. It has affected businesses, families, routines, jobs, weddings, EVERYTHING! Who would have thought that 2020 would go this way? With schools going online, families quarantined, temples being closed, and couples having to make the hard call on rescheduling or getting married without […]

Brandon + Shaena | Gilbert, Arizona | Morrison Ranch Wedding | Social Distance Wedding

April 2, 2020


Gilbert, Arizona Wedding | Morrison Ranch Wedding

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With that being said, after my time off, I was READDYYY to jump back into the creative swing with Danielle and Shawn’s sweetheart session. Danielle and Shawn are getting married in the fall and they have a sweet little family. It was so fun spending time with them at the Olive Mill. Some of my favs from this session: Danielle’s badass tattoos, Shawn’s boots, the bright greens of the Olive Mill.

Danielle & Shawn | Olive Mill, Queen Creek | Arizona Engagement

March 1, 2020


Queen Creek Engagement Session | Olive Mill Queen Creek

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Happy New Year! 2020 has already brought MANY amazing changes for both my business and my family. Something about starting a new year with a fresh new slate is so invigorating to me. Here are some of the awesome 2020 changes I’m talking about.

New Year – New Website – New Blog????

January 26, 2020


Arizona Family Photographer | Agritopia Family Session

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Kara & Bill Let me start by saying this Wedding Inspiration session was a DREAMMM COME TRUEEE!!! I have so many details to share from this session with Kara & Bill. I already have love for vintage details and a love of VW runs in my family (my brother has a restored bus and my […]

VW Bus Bride and Groom Session | Gilbert, Arizona | Vintage Wedding Inspiration

December 1, 2019


VW Bus Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Wedding Inspiration

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Josie and Shane are literally the SWEETEST!! I could not believe how sweet they are when I met them on their wedding day. They have two sweet little girls and just the most adorable love story. The day started at the cutest little farm and Airbnb tucked away in the middle of Gilbert. I love the mix of bright whites and rustic details that this cute little farm had.

Odell Wedding | Gilbert, Arizona Wedding| Modern Farm Wedding

November 10, 2019




Queen Creek, Arizona