Getting to pursue both of my passions is something I'm super blessed to be able to do. I love teaching and my 8th graders ROCK. But I also love that photography allows me to express my artistic side. I get to have the best of both worlds!

I picked up my first camera due to the influence of a teacher who cared. I was in high school and my teacher saw a skill in me that she encouraged me to pursue. I get to do what I love because of her! Teachers are awesome :) no bias, of course.

Although I'm local to Queen Creek, Arizona, I love to travel! I have couples from all over Arizona and beyond.

It's me, Kennedy.

oh hey

Goofy teacher by day, goofy photog by night.

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+ I'm an introvert all the way! 

+ I'm a drama/theatre FREAK. I actually sponsor the drama club at my school. Last year I directed our school musical Shrek. It was so fun!

+ I'm all things music but I am NOT a dancer. I have two very very left feet.

+ My favorite shows to binge over and over: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Gossip Girl, FRIENDS, Brooklynn 99, This is Us. 

+ Fears: spiders, spiders, the ocean, did I say spiders?

+I can NOT cook for the life of me. I burn everythinggg! So cereal and pizza are my go-tos.

Fun Facts:

My husband Aaron and I have been married for five years.

We're actually high school sweethearts!
We met my freshman year in an early-morning church class. I am NOT a morning person, but he sure gave me a reason
to wake up early :) 

We love date nights, cuddling with our baby, watching our favorite shows, and window-shopping. 


my Family

My fur-child and first born baby is Granger, named after my most favorite magical book-worm.

She's 3 years old and we rescued her from the humane society when she was a baby. Her bestie is our baby James. She loves playing with him!  She's very playful, social, and friendly. NOT a guard dog in ANY way but we love her!!


My Family

Sweet baby James is the most recent addition to our family. He was born in July of 2019 while my husband was on deployment.  

They just got to meet a couple months ago!

James is the best baby! I love being his mommy. He has the sweetest and silliest personality. He loves splashing in the bath, tummy time, giggles, playing with Granger, and snuggles.


My Family

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Queen Creek, Arizona