THings I hear all the time >>

+ have the mega heart-eyes for each other
+ appreciated my FRIENDS and/or Lizzo references above
+ speak sarcasm as a second language
+ laugh a little too loud
+ can get down on the dance floor - sober or not... :)  
+ love a good "that's what she said" joke
+ can't WAIT to get married!

hey gorgeous!
how you doin? ;)

I Love Couples Who...

I'm all about fresh photos with the bomb lighting, candid moments, and a whole lot of silliness all over the Arizona desert.  

Things I hear ALL. THE. TIME:
+ I'm awkward in front of the camera
+ You'll pose us right?
+ My fiance hates pictures!
+ Will you make me look skinny?
+ I'm not a model so I won't look like those pictures.


My process of prompting genuine moments - combined with bomb lighting and my goofy personality - solves every single one of those fears above. They are always replaced with:

"Wow! I had so much fun I forgot we were taking pictures!"

and my philosophy.

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1. In addition to wedding photography, I also teach! I teach 8th grade English in Chandler.

2. I'm a dog mom AND a boy mom. Granger is my fur-child and James is my human child.

3. We're a military family. Go Army!

4. I'm a total bookworm, but only books made for teens!

5. I'm obsessed with show tunes, Harry Potter, sit coms, and TikTok.

 Michael Scott said it best when he said:


I'm Kennedy

hey what's up,
"I am beyonce Always."

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